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Irreducible Complexity Has Been… Reduced. To Nothing.

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One of my favourite YouTubers, QualiaSoup, has put out another great educational video, addressing the “Intelligent Design” (=Creationist) argument of so-called “irreducible complexity”, which claims that evolution cannot be true since they are things that are so complex that they could not have come about by a gradual process like evolution by natural selection. The video dismantles the argument beautifully in very simple terms; it’s easy to understand and, more importantly, it’ll empower you to counter the argument yourself next time you come across it in a discussion.

One more thing: If you like QualiaSoup’s vids, be sure to check out his brother, too. He goes by the username TheraminTrees and produces videos of a very similar style which are just as brilliant.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

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Every single time I think I have now reached a point where nothing could possibly astonish me anymore in terms of levels of ignorance some people exhibit, I stumble across something like this:

You are asking to understand Logic of God, if you could understand it then you too would be a God.Before i explain to you the logic of the Devil, i would like for you to explain to me; 1- how a child is born and suddenly begins to breath air?2- How lightning bugs glow?3-Where is the end of space?
Ask your self this, what´╗┐ would the world look like with no Evil? Pretty boring huh? You ever seen a great action flick without a villain? Good VS Evil, the oldest story in the book!

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