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Orwell’s “Two Minutes Hate”: Uganda Made it Real

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I came across this sickening piece of anti-gay hatespeech via a friend on facebook today. Remember Orwell’s idea of daily Two Minutes Hate? It seems that Ugandan evangelicals managed to realize it. Here it is, in all its beauty:

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Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse: A Better Approach

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“Do you like children more than you ought to? There is help. http://www.do-not-become-a-culprit.de” *

I was quite stunned when I saw this TV ad for a help-line for paedophiles. I don’t know wether they actually aired it yet, as I only saw it on their homepage. In any case I hope this gets massive exposure, for this is a laudable thing. Paedophilia is a tough topic, all the more so because most people are so disgusted by the thought of it that they completely close off to rational arguments.
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