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Music For The Unbeliever: Episode 2

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For the first post of this series, featuring Motörhead’s beautiful “God Was Never On Your Side”, click here.

This time an oldie most people are likely already familiar with: Jesus He Knows Me by Genesis. I’ve listened to this song countless times on the radio throughout my childhood, but only recently I noticed how great the lyrics are. Well worth paying attention to. They’re quite easy to understand, but I’ve added them below the fold anyway, just in case. Enjoy!

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Written by Phil

April 4, 2011 at 21:01

Music For The Unbeliever: Episode 1

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Ever since I noticed the insane amount of christian music out there, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for songs that thematize science, atheism, Humanism, skepticism and other related topics – songs that promote critical thinking and, well, just a little common sense.
Over time, I’ve found a good few. Many are metal and punk songs, but I’ve found some less aggressive ones too, perhaps more suitable for a wider audience. Also, there’s a surprising amount of Hip-Hop in the mix. From now on I’ll be sharing one of these songs with you once a week.

I’ll start today with one of my personal favourites, ballad by Motörhead called ‘God Was Never On Your Side’. Enjoy!


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Written by Phil

February 7, 2011 at 04:47

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