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Porn for Bibles? An Afterthought

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I got an interesting reaction to my previous post. As I shared the story on facebook, a fellow atheist replied in disgust, saying that we shouldn’t resort to such “barbaric lewdness”. I was really surprised, for I didn’t expect anything in that direction. It didn’t even occur to me that reasonable non-religious people might take offense at this. Maybe it’s because I’m european, but I don’t think it’s that much of a big deal. Anybody calling simple porn “barbaric lewdness” would be laughed at over here. Simply a matter of custom I guess. But wether you think it’s poor taste or not, it’s a brilliant move from a marketing-point of view. Hand out flyers, and you might reach a hundred people a day who actually read, and what’s more, actually think about it. Offer them porn, and they will be shocked. They’ll stay and discuss, the religious will go bonkers, the following media hype will ensure you get invited to dozens of talkshows and radio-programms giving you a chance to elaborate your point to an audience of thousands. In finland, there’s probably not a single person now who has not heard about this, and didn’t listen to the explaination of those who sparked the controversy. One can hardly deny that in points of effectiveness and cost-efficiency, this campaign will be hard to top.

I find myself thinking about proposing to copy this idea to my local freethought society.

Written by Phil

June 11, 2010 at 03:53

Helsinki: Atheists Offer Porn in Exchange for Bibles

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A Finnish free-thought society thought of this provokative campaign to draw some attention to how much the churches are trying to controll private matters. Last weekend, whoever brought a bible along for a visit to the freethought society of Helsinki was offered a porn-magazine รก la “Hustler” or “Erotica lehti” in exchange. According to diepresse.com, 50 people took them up on the offer.
The Christian Party of Finland condemned the campaign, calling upon the authorities to review the legitimacy of it. Despite the passionate protests by various christian groups, the police were quoted saying that the campaign “didn’t cause much trouble”.
The spokeswoman of the atheist society showed herself satisfied with the result of the campaign. In an interview with the finnish news-agency STT she said that the aggressive protests revealed the need for an open debate over the controll that religious communities exert over the private life and the sexuality of their members.

via diepresse.com

PS: I recieved some comments on this that triggered some afterthought.

Written by Phil

June 10, 2010 at 12:18

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