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I’m Not Obliged To Make You Feel Welcome

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This blog is not intended as an opportunity for faith-heads to proselytize. It’s my soap-box to write about topics that interest me, and I greatly welcome people with like interests to discuss the issues.

I’d like to make it clear once and for all that I feel no obligation to accommodate ignorant and condescending dickheads. I will not censor any comment, but please consider that religious organisations and beliefs are a genuine topic of interest for me – I’ve spent some serious time studying various religions and theistic philosophy. If you don’t display even the briefest of interest in (or knowledge of) Humanist philosophy, it should come as no surprise to you that I much rather spend my time with the more productive discussions I have with the secular commenters here, or the few religious ones who came here out of an actual interest in a frank exchange of views rather than some misguided missionary zeal or equally misplaced ignorant concern for my (apparently) lost soul.

If you come here with the intention of confronting my worldview, you ought at least to know what that worldview consists of. If you don’t, prepare to get bitch slapped.

Written by Phil

March 12, 2011 at 19:11

Debunking Creationist Claims is a Waste of Time

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Debunking creationists is a waste of time unless you do it publicly, on a large forum. This has to do with the Creationist’s intentions and tactics. We need to realize that they are not really interested in changing your mind in particular – they go only for a large number of people. Any people. Any “soul” that is “saved” is a success to them, and numbers is what matters here. This means that most creationists will not engage you seriously, but rather spend their time “saving” five less skeptical people instead of the one die-hard skeptic who has had his heart already hardened by Satan. Understanding this mind-set is crucial, because it makes a huge difference to how one should approach engaging them.

There is a statistical certainty at the heart of all creationist propaganda: The larger the number of people exposed to their ideas, the more will be among the crowd who are susceptible to their lies, ignorance and misrepresentations. If you can stand up and debunk all their arguments, they won’t care. They’ll simply move on to the next person willing to listen.
It has been shown time and time again that creationists tend to simply ignore the debunking of their claims – it is not important to them. As long as they can use a claim to “save” souls, they will continue to use it to do so.

Since their main concern is “saving” people, the arguments and all the pretend-science is only a means to an end. Their actual respect for the argumentative weight of scientific arguments is incredibly low. Hence, they will simply ignore what you have to say. Their mind-set is such that you cannot by scientific arguments change their views, since to them science is only one of many tools to employ to “do the lords work”. They hold it in low regard. So if you try to engage their arguments at their scientific face-value, showing them to be complete rubbish, they will simply laugh at how seriously you take all this science-stuff and how little you know about what (to them) is the real, important truth.

So if you ever engage in a discussion with a creationist, the listeners are what really matters. Your scientific arguments will not convince the creationist, but you might engage the common sense of the audience, inform them enough to vaccinate them against creationist propaganda.

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