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My New Favourite Musician

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I barely ever listen to Hip Hop, but this is really great. The whole album is. I hugely admire artists who write good lyrics, it’s such a rare ability. I found this song really touching. Lyrics beneath the fold.
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Written by Phil

June 12, 2010 at 02:01

Thou Shalt Always Kill

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I’ve heard this song by Dan Le Sac a couple of years back and completely forgot about it until I was reminded of it yesterday. The music is not really my cup o’ tea, but the lyrics are a real gem of common sense.

This song could easily have earned a 9/10 by including the lines:

The Bible – Just a book.
The Koran – Just a book.
Book of Mormon – just a book.
Whatever Scripture – is JUST A BOOK.

As it is, it only gets a 7 from me. Unfortunately, Dan le Sacs and Scroobius Pips common sense doesn’t seem to extend to religion – although I’m quite sure that they are not religious themselves, they seem to be classic adherents to belief in belief. In their song Letter From God to Man they regurgitate the old stereotype that poor, harmless religion gets “abused” by evil man for evil purposes, completely ignoring some of the core tennets of the major religions as well as the systematic faults and responsibilities of the faiths. Nonetheless, Letter From God to Man too is a song worth listening to.

Beneath the fold you can find the full lyrics of Thou Shalt Always Kill.
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Written by Phil

June 7, 2010 at 13:23

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