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Music For The Unbeliever: Episode 2

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For the first post of this series, featuring Motörhead’s beautiful “God Was Never On Your Side”, click here.

This time an oldie most people are likely already familiar with: Jesus He Knows Me by Genesis. I’ve listened to this song countless times on the radio throughout my childhood, but only recently I noticed how great the lyrics are. Well worth paying attention to. They’re quite easy to understand, but I’ve added them below the fold anyway, just in case. Enjoy!

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Written by Phil

April 4, 2011 at 21:01

Music For The Unbeliever: Episode 1

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Ever since I noticed the insane amount of christian music out there, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for songs that thematize science, atheism, Humanism, skepticism and other related topics – songs that promote critical thinking and, well, just a little common sense.
Over time, I’ve found a good few. Many are metal and punk songs, but I’ve found some less aggressive ones too, perhaps more suitable for a wider audience. Also, there’s a surprising amount of Hip-Hop in the mix. From now on I’ll be sharing one of these songs with you once a week.

I’ll start today with one of my personal favourites, ballad by Motörhead called ‘God Was Never On Your Side’. Enjoy!


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Written by Phil

February 7, 2011 at 04:47

How I Feel About Guitar Hero and iPod-Headphones

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This vid sums it up just nicely. For those of you who are really dense: What I’m agreeing with is the guy behind the counter.

“4Y Records” created by Jonathan Ian Mathers. Gotta love it.

Guitar Hero is fine as long as you realize it’s a fuckin’ game with only five buttons. What pisses me off about it are the kids who actually think they can play guitar because they’re good at pressing those buttons, and those kids who might have grown up to become promising musicians but will never learn an instrument because they spent all their time playing Guitar Hero.
Next topic: iPod headphones. They’re a disgrace to anyone who really appreciates music. The first thing I do after buying a new mp3-player is throwing away the earplugs that come with it, and switch to my huge Bose studio-headphones that cost me two months worth of pay. I never regrettet buying them for a single second. If you want to know what people mean by “Eargasm”, get a pair of those and only listen to mp3s that you ripped from CD yourself at at least 320 kbps. You may then go and shop at 4Y Records without getting shot. That’s a good thing.

Written by Phil

June 21, 2010 at 21:06

My New Favourite Musician

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Written by Phil

June 12, 2010 at 02:01

Thou Shalt Always Kill

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I’ve heard this song by Dan Le Sac a couple of years back and completely forgot about it until I was reminded of it yesterday. The music is not really my cup o’ tea, but the lyrics are a real gem of common sense.

This song could easily have earned a 9/10 by including the lines:

The Bible – Just a book.
The Koran – Just a book.
Book of Mormon – just a book.
Whatever Scripture – is JUST A BOOK.

As it is, it only gets a 7 from me. Unfortunately, Dan le Sacs and Scroobius Pips common sense doesn’t seem to extend to religion – although I’m quite sure that they are not religious themselves, they seem to be classic adherents to belief in belief. In their song Letter From God to Man they regurgitate the old stereotype that poor, harmless religion gets “abused” by evil man for evil purposes, completely ignoring some of the core tennets of the major religions as well as the systematic faults and responsibilities of the faiths. Nonetheless, Letter From God to Man too is a song worth listening to.

Beneath the fold you can find the full lyrics of Thou Shalt Always Kill.
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Written by Phil

June 7, 2010 at 13:23

The Good Old Days

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Aaaaah yes, the 80s… To be honest, I don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. At the time that they feel so nostalgic for I was about 5 years old. I love this music, but dammit, I’m just born 20 years too late, and on the wrong continent. I never really considered myself part of what’s left of the newschool hardcore-scene, either. While I love the music and the attitude, I never much liked the clothes and I disagree wholehartedly on the political part. I don’t care much for anarchy, and while I can to some degree identify with the ideals of the Straight Edge sub-scene, most Edgers are way to full of themselves and too elitist for my liking.
But still, I just love the music. Gorilla Biscuits, Dead Kennedys, Have Heart, Comeback Kid, Sick Of It All, Black Flag, Dritte Wahl, Chain Of Strength, Raised Fist, Minor Threat – My life would be so much less without them. H2O are great, too. And “What Happened?” is one of my favourite songs, even though I obviously do not share their nostalgia.

Anyhow. Watching this, I just cannot help but wonder – Are they aware of the irony that there is in hiring a professional filmcrew to produce a well-made, high-end videoclip (including computer generated graphic effects!) to go with a song that is pure nostalgia for the good old days in which Hardcore bands like them had no money?

Written by Phil

May 18, 2010 at 02:46

Metal is Everywhere

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I just had a conversation with a friend about music. I told her it was possible to find a metal/punk cover of just about any popular song. She remained absolutely convinced that it just impossible to turn songs like Dancing Queen into metal. I checked. Turns out she was wrong.

Entertaining stuff. I just love clever cover-versions. Especially when it turns out that it’s actually well-written song that you just always thought was horrible because the original artist performed it so poorly. As, for example, is the case with Britney Spears – Toxic, covered by A Static Lullaby
For your entertainment, here’s a little playlist:

Pain – Eleanor Rigby (Beatles)
Hypnogaja – Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurithmics)
Jameson – Beat It (Michael Jackson)
Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams (Eurithmics)
Surrender The Dancefloor – Just Dance (Lady GaGa)
I’d like to add a link to Evergreen Terrace performing Mad World by Tears For Fears, but unfortunately it’s been pulled off YouTube.

Written by Phil

May 16, 2010 at 19:46

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