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A Ban On Atheist Advertisement?

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I’m all for it. In fact, ban all  public advertisement. I want the right to walk out the door and not being told by giant billboards everywhere what I have to buy, whom I have to vote for, and what I have to think.

It is one thing to be offering “product information” on the airwaves, where it is my free decision to access or ignore it. Nobody is forcing me to watch TV – and if I do, I’ll accept the commercials as a collateral, knowing stations have to finance their programme somehow.

It is a different matter altogether to shove your ads in my fucking face, every single day, on my way to work.
To put them up in places where my only way to ignore them is giving up my freedom of movement entirely. Let’s not even mention the political and philosophical implications of public ads: the fact that it is legal for a rich person to paint whatever message they like on city walls for everyone to see, while the same fucking thing is called “vandalism” and a criminal offence when done by a poor person with a can of spray paint.

Don’t even get me started on the gravely insulting nature of clips that imply I am stupid enough to make a purchase solely based on the promise of “if you buy our product, you’ll have sex with beautiful women!”

Actually, that is almost as offensive as the implied assumption that I’d vote for some person because she has a nice smile, is “down-to-earth” and a “mother of four”, as if any of that was a needed qualification for public office. Spending billions of tax-dollars to deceive the people who paid those taxes with cheap mind-tricks and appeals to sympathy is not just sickening, but outright immoral.

Written by Phil

November 28, 2010 at 17:57

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