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Orwell’s “Two Minutes Hate”: Uganda Made it Real

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I came across this sickening piece of anti-gay hatespeech via a friend on facebook today. Remember Orwell’s idea of daily Two Minutes Hate? It seems that Ugandan evangelicals managed to realize it. Here it is, in all its beauty:

Needless to say, this “National Task-Force Against Homosexuality” and other organizations like it, are iniciated, financed and organized mainly by American evangelicals. I have a funny feeling that the bedroom-pictures this guy waves around are from a private stash of the same source.

I’m quite disgusted and speechless. I mean, he’s right. It is  sick. You know what? They should take it a step further and outlaw heterosexuality, too. Because I’ve done a little research on what heterosexuals do in the privacy of their own bedroom, and here are the shocking results:

One of the things heteros do is this thing called “cunnilingus”, where the man licks, licks! the womans genitals. Like this [demonstrates the process] and then blood will come out, and the man DRINKS THE BLOOD! And sometimes, the woman woman will insert a finger in the hole of the penis, where di pee-pee comes out, all the way in! Like this [demonstrates the process] It is so painful they have to take drugs, but they enjoy it. And then they take the finger out, and di pee-pee comes out, and they drink di pee-pee.
And sometimes they have normal, God-approved intercourse, like Adam and Eva, but they do not make children, but di pee-pee comes out, and fertilizes di egg, and then, nine months later, there is a peepee-demon-monster-abomination-baby, and they will kill it, and then eat it. This is SICKNESS. We do not want the sickness in this country, and we want to ask Mr. Obama to explain to us if this sickness is what he intends to bring to Africa.”

Boy, heterosexuals sure are disgusting. Maybe we should consider oulawing them, too. I for one do not want this sickness in my country.

5 Responses

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  1. “it is so painful that they have to take drugs, but they enjoy it” YEAH! that’s the spirit!!!

    wtf how did this guy (if he really did)achieve his doctors-degree?

    the misterious potato-chip

    July 22, 2010 at 12:15

    • My guess is that he’s a doctor in bible-studies, or divinity, or somesuch thing. Then again, he might actually be a real doctor. Sadly, a high intelligence does not offer protection from indoctrination or mental manipulation. Quite clever people can be quite easily decieved, too. What I can say for sure is that he is not a doctor in any field close to the humanities, because the exposure to humanist thought normally prevents people from taking bullshit like this seriously. He might be a real physics doc, or maybe mathematics or somesuch thing.

      He might also be a deliberate liar, who does not really believe this shit himself but has been convinced that preaching it is necessary, or who doesnt know anything else but to preach. When you look at places like the “Discovery Institute”, you’ll find some people with very high and very real degrees perpetuating the same lies.


      July 22, 2010 at 18:30

  2. The pee-pee-demon-monster-abomination-baby doesn’t always get eaten.

    Sometimes they escape and then they go on to take vengeance on us adopting forms such as that of Sarah Palin.

    Patrick James

    July 22, 2010 at 16:57

    • Suddenly, everything about her makes perfect sense.


      July 22, 2010 at 18:32

  3. It terrifies me that educated people can spread such hate in the world. Where is his tolerance, his love, his humanity?
    …I guess it must have gotten lost amongst all the porn on his computer, which he only downloads for “research” purposes, ofcourse.


    September 14, 2010 at 06:22

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