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How I Feel About Guitar Hero and iPod-Headphones

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This vid sums it up just nicely. For those of you who are really dense: What I’m agreeing with is the guy behind the counter.

“4Y Records” created by Jonathan Ian Mathers. Gotta love it.

Guitar Hero is fine as long as you realize it’s a fuckin’ game with only five buttons. What pisses me off about it are the kids who actually think they can play guitar because they’re good at pressing those buttons, and those kids who might have grown up to become promising musicians but will never learn an instrument because they spent all their time playing Guitar Hero.
Next topic: iPod headphones. They’re a disgrace to anyone who really appreciates music. The first thing I do after buying a new mp3-player is throwing away the earplugs that come with it, and switch to my huge Bose studio-headphones that cost me two months worth of pay. I never regrettet buying them for a single second. If you want to know what people mean by “Eargasm”, get a pair of those and only listen to mp3s that you ripped from CD yourself at at least 320 kbps. You may then go and shop at 4Y Records without getting shot. That’s a good thing.


Written by Phil

June 21, 2010 at 21:06

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