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Germanys Foreign Minister: FHM’s #2 Unsexiest Woman 2010

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Guido Westerwelle

Schwesterwelle: Makes a Very Unsexy Woman

Meet Guido Westerwelle. He is Germany’s current minister of foreign affairs, the sate’s chief air-head, and general moron. I was delighted to find out that he almost won the title of this years unsexiest woman, an annual prize which is awarded by the men’s lifestyle magazine FHM. He is not the first male to be placed on that list, but he’s the first to get so close to the top of it.

This is not the first time Westerwelle has been target of ridicule due to his rather female demeanour – He has been given the nickname ‘Schwesterwelle’ (“Sisterwelle”) long before his official coming out in 2004.
Don’t get me wrong; I know very well it is a cheap shot to vote a gay man onto the list of the 100 unsexiest woman, but he deserves the ridicule. Not because he’s gay, not because of his pathetically squeaky voice, not because his demeanour. No, he deserves ridicule because he’s a moron that maintains but the weakest of links to reality. Because of his dogmatic belief that pure, unrestricted capitalism is the solution to any problem. Because he promotes precisely the concepts that have proven unworkable and counterproductive over the last 20 years, without even acknowledging that there is a problem in the first place. Because he promotes the idea that the only reason homeless people are unemployed is because they are too fucking lazy to work, and the poor are poor because they don’t deserve money. Because he doesn’t acknowledge that there is such thing as a socially privileged class, or that there is such thing as social injustice. He thinks that welfare is too good for most people.
Well, that’s enough ranting. Don’t take my word for it, judge for yourselves. Here’s a couple of quotes from newspaper interviews. The translation is mine, the source is Spiegel Online.

German politics are showing traits of decadence. All over the world the chances of prosperity are handed out, the economy is growing faster than ours. And we grant Viagra on welfare.” (Sept 2003, Welt am Sonntag)

It is decadent to lead the people to believe that there is such thing as income without effort.” (June 2007, Bild)

I think it’s decadent that in our society sociality is equated to government, and that only he is considered to be empathetic who supports government-run redistribution [of wealth].” (May 2008, Süddeutsche Zeitung)

No, I have no idea just why he is so fond of the word ‘decadence’. In a speech I saw him deliver on TV sometime last year (unfortunately I couldn’t find it again, so this is not a quote, but my paraphrase) he said “Everybody is demanding we talk about equality of income and equality of life standards. But we must also talk about equality of effort.” By equality of effort he means equality of what-he-consideres-to-be-usefullness-to-society, and what he implies is that those who don’t have money are poor simply because they didn’t try hard enough. There is no social injustice, homeless people are just lazy fuckers and they got what they deserve.
In short, he is a capitalist of the rather deluded, fundamentalist sort. As I said, his connection to reality is rather non-existant. He is a spoiled brat who enjoyed a sheltered, privileged upbringing, and is on enough of an ego-trip to trick himself into believing that he is an experienced and wise person who really knows what is best for ‘his’ country.

He managed to place rank #2 on another top-ten list this year: My personal list of most despised politicians. Rank #1 is Hitler.


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