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Aim For The Sky

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In this clip from 1972, Viktor Frankl elaborates on reasons to be idealistic. Quoting Goethe, he says “If we take man as he is, we’ll make him worse. But if we take man as he should be, we make him capable of becoming what he is capable of being.” I love this clip because it so perfectly mirrors my own attitude. I am not unrealistic in my utopianism. I know how little the odds are that we actually get there. But still, nothing less than Utopia is the goal we should set ourselves. Not because we are delusional and arrogantly overestimating our own capabilities, but to set a deliberately exaggerated goal as a motivation in order to achieve the best possible result. If you want to reach the treetops, aim for the sky.


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May 17, 2010 at 15:44

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